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#SnapNation Success Story: Tony C. Columbus, OH

2014-05-18 | By: Snap Fitness

When Tony C. started looking for a job he knew he wanted it to combine his two passions, business and fitness. It wasn’t long after that he teamed up with Snap Fitness owner Kip E. and fell in love with his career.


“What Snap represents is a place that where good people care about fitness and each other,” Tony said. “I had a passion for fitness even more for owning my own business and Snap just made the most sense.”


Tony C. and Kip E. now own three Snap Fitness locations in the Columbus, Ohio area. With each new club opening they’ve seen more and more success.


“Corporates been great, they provide you with the tools and support necessary,” he said.  “They do a great job at getting places set up and getting it all installed, just really getting the ball rolling.”


Tony believes that some of their success can be tied to the environment they’ve created in their gym. He says it starts with hiring good people.


“There are so many people that come in with bad experiences from other gyms,” he said. “We try to be more than just a gym and our workers do a great job at coming in and making sure they have a positive impact on our members.”


In the end Tony says the biggest reward from owning a Snap Fitness is seeing the clubs impact on people’s lives and health.


“It speaks volumes when you have members that have been here for years,” he said. “Our goal is always to be an asset to our community and it’s nice to see that it works, I think that it shows we have good people on board,”


Do you have a head for a business and are passionate about fitness, like Tony? Click here to learn more about how you can be an asset to your community by owning your own Snap Fitness Club.

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