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#SnapNation Success Story: Shane D.

2014-07-15 | By: Snap Fitness

When Shane D. reached his highest weight ever at 200 pounds, he decided it was time to make his biggest lifestyle change yet. He signed up at Snap Fitness and hasn't looked back.


“My Snap Fitness was close to work so I started doing lunch time workouts,” said Shane. “ I started with cardio and eventually moved to incorporate more weight training.”


Shane started going to the gym five to six days per week. He also started to monitor his diet more closely with an app on his phone. It wasn’t long until he started seeing results.


“It’s eye opening really, to look at where I started,” he said. “It was a hard road with ups and downs, it took commitment and support from my loves ones.”


Now down to 167 pounds, Shane is focusing on truly making his new healthy habits part of his life.  He’s also looking to help others.


“I want to make it permanent, it has to truly be a lifestyle change,” he said. “I’m truly proud of my accomplishments and I’m hoping to help inspire others to help take that first step.”


Congrats Shane! Keep it up. We’re proud of you.


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