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SnapNation Success Story: Pam P. Keizer, OR

2014-07-13 | By: Snap Fitness

It took 20 years of dieting without ever hitting her goal weight for Pam P. of Keizer, Oregon to finally find the key to reaching her goals. She’s now down 70 pounds and well on her way to becoming the athlete she’s always dreamed of being.


“After years of listening and learning I have finally put that knowledge into action,” Pam P. said. “It started at Snap Fitness when I took that first step back into the gym.”


Pam walked in with a new attitude. She wanted to focus more on feeling strong again rather than losing weight. She signed up with a personal trainer at Snap Fitness Keizer who helped her stay committed.


“He assured me there was muscle memory-I was worried I had muscle dementia,” she said. “I continued training 5 days a week and by January I had won the club fitness challenge, I thought seriously me!”


By April, Pam was up to training twice a day and holding planks longer than she ever thought possible.


“I’ve found some workout buddies at each time that are constantly supporting me and holding me accountable,” she said. “ Skipping is not an option, I have an alarm set that reminds me it’s time to leave work and head to the gym.”


Even with all her hard work, Pam has found the scale to be stubborn at times. She’s found other ways to measure her success. She takes measurements and sets fitness challenges for herself. Pam says she owes much of her success to her friends at her gym.


“There are amazing people at my gym, I enjoy meeting other members and hearing their stories,” she said. “Even the hardest workouts are fun, it’s all thanks to the best workout buddies and Leslie and James at Snap.”


Pam says this is not a success story, but a celebration of the process. She’s hoping to be down 100 pounds by mid July.


We say this is both a success story and a reason to celebrate. Way to go Pam. We believe in you!


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