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Success Stories



#SnapNation Success Story: Linda H.

2014-06-08 | By: Snap Fitness

After gaining 100 pounds over a 20-year period and facing numerous injuries, Linda H. was miserable. She tried working out and eating healthy, but she’d never seen results.  Feeling determined to finally lose the weight; she got a Snap Fitness membership and signed up for personal training.


“I had joined many gyms in the past and quitting always seemed the norm for me,” Linda said. “I told the trainer I wanted to be lean and toned, but that I had some injuries I needed to work around.”


Linda’s trainer Karl assured her she would be able to get the results she’d always wanted. Just after the first month of training, Linda’s injuries were healing and she started to see a difference in her body.


“Karl pushed me just enough to build my confidence and prove that I could do more than I thought I could,” she said. “Every training session was different, and the workouts were fun and never got boring,”


The hard work paid off. The strength training helped Linda avoid surgery and finally lose the weight. Not only did her Snap Fitness help her get moving, it also provided nutrition advice that changed her life. After six months of hard work and dedication she was down 100 pounds.


“I can now say I love my body and I’m a lean mean toned machine,” she said. “But most importantly I learned to love working out, I know longer dread going to the gym; I love it.”


Way to go, Linda! We can’t wait to see what else you accomplish at Snap Fitness!


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