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#SnapNation Success Story: Kim V.

2014-05-02 | By: Snap Fitness

For Kim V., managing 10 Snap Fitness locations isn’t a job; it’s a passion. Kim started working at Snap Fitness - Grand Rapids for owner Ryan C. in 2008 as a trainer and manager. Since then, she’s worked together with Ryan and multiplied their clubs.


“He wanted to buy a franchise. He looked at a lot of different options, but he was super into fitness and loved everything about the Snap Fitness business model,” Kim said. “It works really well for us. He brings the business aspect and I bring my background of being a personal trainer.”


Of course, with each additional opening comes more work. Kim said the Snap Fitness business plan and Corporate staff has made expanding their clubs much easier.


“I love how everybody works together,” she said. “Through it all, we’ve always had great account managers and they’ve been extremely helpful.”


But they are not done yet. With a new club opening in May, they now plan to go back and make each of their clubs even better.


“Right now, we are building these clubs and making them the best they can be,” Kim said. “We’re going to be rocketing off this next year, just watch our numbers.”


Kim doesn’t measure her success on how many clubs they’ve opened. She said it’s all about the members and how they feel when they leave the club.


“Our members are fantastic. They can see that we care to make sure that they are always having fun,” Kim said. “I’ve had members who have delayed trips to attend our club events, and that means something.”


The true key to success for Kim has been loving where she works and hiring good people.


“I truly love Snap Fitness; everything I own and everything I wear has Snap Fitness on it,” she said. “My employees know that without them, we wouldn’t be as good as we are.”


If you want to love where you work and have fun building a sense of community like Kim, click here.

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