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#SnapNation Success Story: Fab Four La Crescent, MN

2014-05-14 | By: Snap Fitness

No matter your age, Snap Fitness can make a positive impact on your life. Just ask the “Fab Four” from the La Crescent, MN club.


Barb S., Faith H., Julie E., and Lois C. are all regulars at their local Snap Fitness. The ladies range in age between 63 and 82 years old, but as the saying goes, age is only a number.


“There are limitations when you get older, but it’s important to work around them,” Julie said.


The club opened five and a half years ago. The women said they joined because the location is close to their homes. But what started out as simply a gym has evolved into a second home.


“It’s not just a gym, it’s a community,” Julie said. “I met Barb, Faith, and Lois here. We all have the same mentality, which is to maintain our health and progress."


The ladies found they had plenty in common, like grandchildren and a desire to make the most of their workouts. While accessibility to the gym brought the “Fab Four” together, the club’s personal training program allowed them to reach new fitness heights. Like being able to dead lift over a hundred pounds.


Faith H’s record is 163 pounds. Lois C. can dead lift 173. Julie E has lifted over 200 pounds. At 82, Barb S. can dead lift more than 75 pounds.


“My biggest accomplishment has been getting strong,” Barb said. “My grandkids will say, ‘Don’t’ mess with grandma!’”


Some of the ladies initially were skeptical about getting a personal trainer.


“I have exercised my whole life, mainly cardio,” Julie said. "It took one of the personal training sessions to make me realize how important strength and endurance training is.”


For Barb, she wanted to learn more about targeting “trouble areas."


“I had been exercising and didn’t know what moves worked what parts of the body, so it seemed like a logical choice to get a personal trainer,” Barb said.


The women agree that working with personal trainers Jordan and Shannon has been “phenomenal.” Julie said they are well-educated and know how to motivate them the right way.


Jordan said each of the “Fab Four” have their own workout regiment, including strength and endurance training.


“It’s exhilarating to say, ‘one year ago, we couldn’t do this,” Julie said.


If you’re on the fence about joining Snap Fitness, Faith said the answer is easy.


“Absolutely sign up! Don’t even hesitate,” Faith said. “And seriously consider getting a personal trainer. You learn how to do things correctly and you’re not as apt to give up.” 

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