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#SnapNation Success Story: Alicia K. and Nicole F.

2014-07-06 | By: Snap Fitness

After photos from a Christmas party left Alicia K. and Nicole F. disturbed and worried for their health, they decided to use the buddy system to make some major changes.


“It was really a few single photos that set us off, we knew there had to be a change,” Alicia said. “ So we slowly started making changes to our diet.”


They both cut back on processed foods and started eating more fresh veggies and lean protein. Within a couple weeks they had each lost over ten pounds. 


“The objective was to train our minds to crave healthier foods and to detox our bodies from years of poor eating,” Alicia said. “Feeling lighter was so exciting, we didn’t want to stop.”


Looking to ramp up their efforts, Alicia and Nicole came across the Snap Fitness website and decided to sign up for the 30 Day Trial pass.


“It was a more than reasonable cost and out of the 30 days we managed to visit Snap Fitness Newcastle, Ontario at least 20 times,” Nicole said. “We loved Snaps clean and friendly atmosphere so much be became members at the end of our trial pass.”


After three months they lost a combined 75 pounds. They know they couldn't have done it without each other’s support and the support from their Snap Fitness.


“Snap Fitness has played a huge role in our weight-loss and fitness journey, we can't thank them enough,” Alicia said. “We both still have plenty to learn and a long journey ahead, but we’ve made it fun and we appreciate each other’s support.”


Congrats, Alicia and Nicole! We’re so happy you’ve found a passion for fitness and health. We can’t wait to see what else you accomplish at Snap Fitness!


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