#SNAPNATION Success: Lindsay Monreal

My Fitness Journey

Lindsay Monreal

Weight has been something I have always struggled with. In fact, I couldn’t tell you when I felt comfortable in my own skin. In 2013, I decided to change my life for my family now, my future family, for my health, for myself, and to show people that it could be done.  

I was going to overcome this battle.

Just a little about my journey. My father was diagnosed with diabetes early on, which later lead to heart disease, kidney failure, etc. I always told myself I would not go down that road. But in July of 2011, it was like I was punched in the face with my own words, because I sat in my doctor’s office and listened to her tell me I was going to become a diabetic. I remembered I cried in her office for awhile because I was about to begin a long journey of health issues.  

My doctor was giving me one last chance to try and change this outcome. But I ran. I avoided her because I kept falling into the same habits. I was out of control and didn’t know where to turn.

On September 4th, 2013, my life was forever changed when my dad passed away due to health issues. I decided from that moment forward I couldn’t go on the way I had been. I was at the heaviest I had ever been, and it wasn’t slowing down.

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On December 19th, 2015, I decided to pursue the gastric sleeve. I know some may see this as cheating, but it was FAR from cheating. I had always turned to food when I was sad, stressed, etc., and now, I was forced not to.

I went down this road because I needed help. I went down this road because I was so far gone – I just didn’t even know where to start. This surgery was not a magic surgery. Yes, I lost some weight at first, but after eight months post-surgery, I was stalled, and it was 100% up to me to keep going or to gain it all back.

I began working out and making healthier eating choices, which is when the weight started to come down again and I started seeing changes in my body. I went from being out of breath just walking around the mall to finishing my first two-timed 5K in 2017, being honored with a lifestyle change through the American Heart Association, and now training regularly at Snap Fitness.  

This journey has been far from easy but I’m doing it. I still have a way to go, but I am a Warrior, and no matter how many times I get knocked down – I will rise again and complete this goal.