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#SNAPNATION Success: Cardiff Hall

Motivated for Fitness

2019-07-03 | By: Snap Fitness

 As an author, entrepreneur and personal speaker, Cardiff Hall has always been ambitious. So as he began approaching his 50th birthday, he developed a fitness goal to start chasing after. Cardiff found it by setting his sights on getting back down to his old college weight. With Snap Fitness, he’s found an ideal workout home to reach his sought-after goal. 

In our interview with Cardiff, he talked about becoming a Snap Fitness member, the surprising benefits he’s gained along the way and why Snap still remains the perfect gym for him over a decade later. 


Snap Fitness (SF): Hey Cardiff! Just to kick things off, tell us about when you first joined Snap Fitness.

Cardiff: I first joined Snap Fitness when I moved to the St. Louis Park (MN) area. It was about 12 years ago in 2007. I was driving to Golden Valley and I was looking for something close, convenient that didn’t have what I call any ‘frills’ to it. I didn’t need the sauna. I didn’t need the swimming pool. I didn’t need all that. I needed the core equipment so I could work out. That’s what Snap had and I love that. It doesn’t have all the fluff. 

SF: Glad to hear, we definitely keep fluff to a minimum. So what was your initial goal when you first joined in 2007?

Cardiff: Twelve years ago my goal was to keep lifting heavy. I wasn’t a bodybuilder, but I lifted heavy. I did 315 lbs. on the bench. I squatted over 400/500 lbs., that’s what I was used to when I was in college and I kept it up. As I began to age I noticed it was more difficult to lift that weight. When I got to Snap in 2007 I changed everything up. I went less weight and higher repetitions. It was to get away from the bulk and the heavy lighting. My whole goal was to maintain body weight. I was comfortable where I was in my health and just wanted to maintain it. 

SF: What made you initially choose Snap Fitness over any other gym? And why do you continue to stay here as opposed to going anywhere else?

Cardiff: My family and I are in the process of moving to Ohio and I asked my wife, ‘Can you check to see where we’re moving if there’s a Snap gym?” And she said, ‘I Googled it, and yes, there’s a Snap gym about 2.5 miles away.’ And I’m like, ‘fantastic!’ That right there says there’s something I value at Snap. 

And for me, and what I do, and where my focus is — I don’t want any of the big gyms anymore. I’m at the gym to focus on a purpose and my purpose is to continue my weight loss, to get into the best shape I can.  

And —  this is one big thing as well — when I was working out at an old gym that was 12-plus years ago, I would get very frustrated when I would drive up there after work and I couldn’t find a place to park. I didn’t want to ride a shuttle. I just worked a full day. I wanted to get in and do my workout and that was one of the things that turned me off of a big gym. Especially from January to March, it’s cold here in Minnesota and the last thing you want to do is walk a couple football fields to the front door to get warm. 

SF: Being based in MN, we completely agree! Do you want to talk about the physical and mental results you’ve seen from working out? 

Cardiff: My wife says I was a snorer before I went on this whole weight loss thing. Since I’ve lost the weight, my wife can sleep peacefully. So that has been a benefit for her and for me, because now I’m feeling a lot of rest. 

I really paid attention to not only the workouts that I’m doing but also the food that I’ve been eating. I didn’t go full blown — like I only eat green products or I only do this — I believe you can eat in moderation. I still have some chips. I still have some processed foods that are not healthy for you. But when I can go Snap and consistently burn 600-800 calories every single time, I’m not worried about the chips I had. 

I’ve got more energy from being able to track with Myzone. I love Myzone! I’m at silver status and four more months to get to gold status. I can see my results and see what I’m doing, look at it, review it, adjust it and find out how to get better. I love the framework that Snap has, with the system that people can utilize in their workout if they choose to. 

I have more energy, I feel a lot better, there will be times in the morning where I didn’t get enough sleep and I’m groggy, but the workout gets me re-energized and focused for the day.

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SF: As an author, how has fitness had an effect on your writing?

Cardiff: The mind and the body are all connected. So when you have a very strong aerobic exercise where your heart is pumping, after that workout you have clarity. There’s something about stressing your muscles, putting more blood flow through your arteries and your heart, which gives you a lot more clarity. That helped me. 

I’m a writer and I’d get stuck at times, and I remember one time in the morning I had a brain freeze. So I stopped, I worked out, and when I came back, I was able to physically continue my sentences and paragraphs. That’s the power of a strong, aerobic exercise to give you the clarity that you need. 

SF: Awesome to hear! So then what would you say to someone thinking of joining a Snap Fitness gym?

Cardiff: I’m going to compare it to coffee. I like a certain type of coffee. I will drive out of my way to pick up that cup of coffee. I’m not looking at cost as a determination for where I’m choosing my workout, for me, my coffee is, I’m going to go out of my way because I’ve had results and I know the quality that Snap has and what’s in a Snap gym. I can take that and I know it’s going to be the same in Ohio. I know what to expect when I walk into one of your gyms. 

There are trainers, and if people want a trainer they’re available. But if someone wants the outside of the grocery store, if they want the meats and the fine cheeses, maybe they should go somewhere else. But for someone who wants to focus on the center of the store, I want all the necessary items to help me get stronger, help me get faster, help me lose weight — Snap to me has something anyone would need. 

If you’re looking to evolve your workouts, check out your local Snap Fitness gym to get started. And for more on Cardiff, check out his website where you can find information on his speaking engagements and eBook. 

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