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Snap Fitness member Carlie from Salem, WI gets started on her path to weight loss success

2013-08-12 | By: Snap Fitness

Last month, we invited members to send in your stories and let our very own Jodi the Trainer help you get started on the path to creating your very own Snap Fitness success story!


One of the members selected, Carlie from Salem, WI, is looking to get started on a new chapter of her life starting and sees Snap Fitness as one of the first steps to reaching her goals.


“I am 28 years old and I finally understand how important my health really is,” she says. “One year ago I made a choice to quit smoking and I am proud to say that I have kept that commitment to my health.  The downside of this amazing achievement is that I gained a lot of unwanted weight.  It took me too long to finally realize what had happened to my body.  I finally broke down and bought a scale and when the numbers appeared I broke down in tears of depression and sadness.  This is what I called my rock bottom moment of clarity.  I knew that I had to do something different.”


Carlie is already off to a great start, having added more fruits and vegetables to her diet, preparing her meals ahead of time, and of course joining her local Snap Fitness. Now Jodi the Trainer is going to help her take it to the next level.


“After talking with Carlie on the phone, I learned that her goal is to lose weight, gain muscle and improve her energy level,” says Jodi. “With that in mind, I sat down and created a nutrition and fitness plan specifically to meet her needs.”


Here’s what Jodi had to say when it came to creating a nutrition plan for Carlie:


1) Consistency: “Carlie told me that she has been preparing her meals ahead of time, in order to maintain consistency and stick to her diet. This is an awesome habit, and I love that she is already doing this!”


2) Current Nutrition and suggested changes:  “I asked Carlie to write down what her standard menu looks like, and offered my suggestion for tweaks or changes. My suggestions are in bold.”

- Breakfast–Yogurt with banana

You always want to have protein with a meal.  A lot of yogurt brands alone do not have enough. Instead, try Greek yogurt (low-fat, plain is ideal).  It’s very plain but, you can dress it up by adding fruit and nuts. If you aren’t interested in that, have one egg and two egg whites, prepared however you like. Try and add one cup of veggies too.

- Lunch – Fruit, pita chips w/cheese, turkey sandwich, PB&J sandwich

Your turkey sandwich at lunch is perfect.  Try to include one cup of steamed vegetables along with this. If you are doing pita chips, try to eat them with hummus instead as it is higher in protein and fiber.

Snack  - Carrots or cucumbers

Again, make sure you have either a protein or a fat with your vegetables.  Examples include nuts, avocado, or protein powder/shakes.

Dinner - Lean protein, veggies

Perfect! Remember to drink lots of water as well. You’re doing great!

Once they completed the nutrition plan, Jodi and Carlie discussed her workouts for the week.

“Carlie told me that she’s doing cardio three times per week,” says Jodi. “I told her to start adding in weight training at least two of those three days. For example, she could do Tuesday cardio and weights, Thursday cardio only, Saturday cardio and weights, and then Sunday cardio only once again.

“As for the cardio itself, my recommendation is for Carlie to start switching it up and adding some variety,” continues Jodi. “She’s currently doing a lot of biking – and loving it! However, I told her to think about adding in some elliptical, and don’t be afraid of the treadmill. Both of these will incorporate more core and upper body movement too.”

As an added bonus, Jodi put together a sample weight workout for Carlie, which you can get started with too:

Tuesday and Saturday weights: Do a total body weight routine, with two sets of each exercise, 10-12 reps per set

- Walking lunges
- Squats
- Dumbbell Chest press
- Lat Pull-down Machine
- Seated Shoulder Press
- Seated Row machine
- Dumbbell Bicep Curl
- Tricep Press down machine (using the cable system and a rope or triangle attachment)
- Ab - 30 second plank
- Abs – Basic Crunches
- Ab machine (use what you have in the gym)


We’ll follow along with Carlie’s journey over the next several weeks, and share her nutrition plan and workout routine to help you achieve your fitness goals right alongside!

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