Shop The Outside Aisles at the Grocery Store

Snap Fitness

Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. Where are you go-to aisles? What do you throw in your cart? What's the one food item you can't pass up? So many options!


Next time you go to restock your kitchen, stick to shopping the outside aisles. Why? Because you'll find produce, dairy, and meat in these aisles. Produce, dairy, and meat are the most natural, unprocessed foods, which are the best for your body and health. All the foods you'll find in the middle aisles are processed foods that are filled with GMOs, pesticides, and phosphates. 


Even though these foods are cheaper, the extra money you pay for unprocessed foods is worth it. It's also important to know what natural foods are in season and where they're coming from. Strawberries from California during the summer? Good call. Strawberries from outside the U.S. in winter? Not a good call.


Happy shopping!