Setting Goals: Try a 5k or Themed-Race

Snap Fitness

I have found the best way for me to get motivated is to set a goal in the form of a race. I love to race and test my limits and see how I stack up to others in my age group or my previous performance for example. Getting in shape and staying fit are hard enough already for most of us, so not having that goal or an upcoming event to train and work towards makes it even harder. 


The race doesn’t have to be a big thing either, just pick something to challenge yourself! Many of my clients could never envision themselves doing a 5k or a obstacle course race and so that makes a perfect goal for them.  Other clients are further along in their fitness quest and a triathlon or marathon is just what they need to give them a little extra push. Doing something that pushes you to your current limit and makes you a little nervous is a great indication you’ve picked a great goal for yourself.  


The biggest thing is making that goal in the first place and having someone like a trainer or training partner to push you along the way. When you reach it, celebrate! A goal achieved calls for a celebration and of course, a new, bigger goal. Keep pushing your fitness to the next level.