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Sculpted Back Workout

2015-07-23 | By: Snap Fitness

People focus so much on working out and building the chest, but what about the back? It may not be as much fun to discuss how much you can lift for a bent over row rather than a bench press, but the benefits are still worth it.


If you are looking for the most upper-body definition, the back is crucial to seeing results. This big muscle group will help you burn calories and shape the upper body quickly. Don’t exclude your back muscles from your workout routine if you want to see an increase of strength, definition, and injury prevention.



Perform three sets of 10-12 reps.

Go at 80 percent intensity with a one-minute rest between movements.



Pull Ups

Hold the bar with a pronated grip. When the elbow bends to 90 degrees, the forearm should be perpendicular to the bar. Descend slowly until the elbows are almost fully extended. Do not swing yourself up to the bar.



Bent-Over Row

Flex at the hips until the chest is parallel to the ground. Maintain a neutral spine as you pull the dumbbells up the side of your body while squeezing the scapulas together in the back. Let the arms extend slowly and repeat.



Lat Pull Down

Lean back slightly and pull bar to the chest. Keep shoulders low and pull with the lats. Control the arms as they extend until they’re almost straight.



Standing Row

Stand holding a squat position (knees bent to 90 degrees with hips flexed and chest up straight). Squeeze the scapulas as shoulders stay down and pull into the chest using the back. Return slowly until arms are almost extended.



Farmers Walk

Use a weight that you are able to keep at your sides the entire time with the chest up, scapulas retracted and shoulders down.  Brace the core and walk taking even strides without swaying side to side. Make sure your hips stay level.



Renegade Row

Place hands on dumbbells so they lay directly under the shoulders.  Brace the core by drawing in and perform a row with one dumbbell. Keep the hips and shoulders square to the ground, alternating arms.

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