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Push vs. Pull Workout

2014-11-21 | By: Snap Fitness

This workout targets opposing muscle groups for a really quick and tough workout. It also is a challenge because we don’t count reps – just work as hard as you can for one minute, then you get a 30-second break. The exercises alternate between pushing motions and pulling motions so everything is getting hit.


Make sure you’re warmed up then have at it!


Here’s how the workout goes:

Do the first “Push” exercise.
Take a 30-second break.
Do the first “Pull” exercise.
Take a 30-second break.
Do the second “Push” exercise and keep going until you’re done with all five from each list.

*If you think you can start over and try a second round, go ahead!


             Push                                                 Pull              .     

1)     Push-ups                               1)     Pull ups or Assisted Pull ups

2)     Push Press                            2)     Upright Row

3)     Leg Press                              3)     Dead Tread (running on the treadmill belt without turning it on)

4)     Tricep Rope                          4)      Close grip reverse curl (bar or dumb bells)

5)     Chest Press                          5)      Low Row


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