Peter's Favorite Things - NutriBullet

Snap Fitness

Healthy lifestyles aren’t solely defined by how many hours you spend in a gym every week. Yes, working out is important, but in order to achieve your fitness goals, the choices you make in the kitchen are just as crucial as your exercise routine. 


Smoothies provide you with the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. You can put any combination of fruits and vegetables together for a delicious treat. They nourish your body with key nutrients and energy that lasts all day. Plus they are easy to make, especially if you use a NutriBullet — which is Snap Fitness CEO and Founder Peter Taunton’s favorite kitchen appliance!


Peter doesn’t go a day without a protein smoothie. He loves using the NutriBullet so much that he owns two: one for home and one for work.


If you’re too busy to make a healthy meal, make NutriBullet smoothies your go-to option.


Peter’s favorite smoothie is the “Triple T” (The Taunton Treat). Try Peter's signature "Triple T" Smoothie today! 


*You can find a NutriBullet at your local retailer.