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Sleep plays a huge role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Snap Fitness Founder/CEO Peter Taunton believes the three pillars for a healthy lifestyle are exercising, eating well, and getting proper sleep.


If you want maximum results from your diet and exercise, you should be getting eight hours of sleep every night. A healthy sleep schedule will also help you with hormonal release, metabolic maintenance, and muscular repair.


When Peter needs a good night’s sleep, he uses his MyPillow. MyPillow is known to be the world's most comfortable pillow. Its products have helped people who suffer from snoring, insomnia, and other ailments get a more restful, comfortable sleep.


Peter has made arrangements for Snap Fitness members to receive 50 percent off the entire MyPillow site for a limited time. Order online or call 1-800-279-0910 and use the promo code SNAP for the discount.