Peach Pie Protein Shake

Snap Fitness

Why is it that every time you choose to watch your diet, your favorite treats become insanely irresistible? There is good news, though: you CAN have your cake and eat it, too! Can’t resist the taste of a juicy peach or the deliciousness of fresh peach pie? It’s your lucky day because we’ve combined all of the delectable flavors in a peach pie and made them into a protein shake. It's packed with so much peachy goodness, you’ll forget you’re actually drinking something that’s good for you. The protein in the powder and almond milk will keep you full and help build muscle. Now, isn’t that just peachy?

Let’s get blending!


8 oz. vanilla almond milk (or your favorite milk)
1/2 of a peach (skin removed and diced)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Optional additions: Chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp hearts, wheat germ, agave nectar, or honey
Servings: 1 • Size: 9 oz. (approximately)


1.Put all ingredients into blender and blend to desired consistency. Top with crumbled graham crackers for an extra peach pie taste!

Calories: 279 • Fat: 4.6g • Carb: 28 g • Fiber: 4 g • Protein: 27.1 g •
Sugar: 23 g • Sodium: 285 mg • Cholesterol: 20 mg