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Nut Butter Showdown

2015-05-14 | By: Snap Fitness

Nut butters are a popular protein alternative to meat and often used to thicken shakes and smoothies. Although there are many variations of nut butters, not all are created equal. When selecting a nut butter you want to look for zero trans fats and as few saturated fats as possible. Check out these four popular nut butter choices and learn what types are best for your nutritional needs!


Sunflower Butter:

This nut butter has the highest amount of fiber, seven grams of protein and a plethora of minerals. Sunflower butter is a well-balanced nut butter. It’s even the lowest in saturated fat– a huge bonus compared to other nut butters!


Almond Butter:

This option has the highest density of minerals per serving and low sodium, making almond butter a very good choice!


Peanut Butter:

Regular peanut butters tend to have added sugars and hydrogenated oils. This gives it the iconic creamy taste and smooth mouth feel. Unfortunately, these characteristics make peanut butter not the healthiest choice.


Cashew Butter:

Cashew butter has the lowest amount of protein and minerals compared to the other nut butters. Although it tastes great, it isn’t the most nutritious selection.  

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