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No Tricks Healthier Treats for Halloween

2013-10-22 | By: Snap Fitness

It’s that time of year again! The streets will be filled with ghouls and goblins, pumpkins will be a-glow, and candy will be flooding our households. Boo! It’s Halloween! If you’re watching your intake of sweets, Halloween can be just as scary as it’s made out to be. We all know that if you have small children the sugar high is unavoidable. Luckily, with a little bit of nutrition ammo you can survive another Halloween without scaring your healthy eating plan away.


Here are a few alternatives to candy, saving you the extra pounds without losing the spirit of Halloween!


1. Trail of Terror mix- Get creative and put together a trail mix for your next Halloween bash. Combine dried fruit, nuts, and coconut for a healthy treat. You can also add dark chocolate chunks, since dark chocolate is good for the heart.


2. Fruit- Small fruits such as Clementines are great for healthy snacking, plus they’re portable.


3. Granola bars- Full of whole grains, most granola bars are low in sugar and high in the good stuff like fiber. Look for seasonal granola bars, such as pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon.


4. Instant oatmeal- Low in fat and calories, and full of soluble fiber. Try our favorite, banana walnut.


5. 100 calorie snack bags- For most of us it’s about portion control. The perfect way to get a taste of your favorite snacks without going overboard


6. Sugar-free gum- This will make your body and your dentist smile, literally. Plus it comes in fun flavors like watermelon, bubble gum, tangerine.


Keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for the big day on October 31st. Just because its Halloween doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with your eating plan. Sure, a trick or treat is good every once in awhile; just make sure you choose wisely.


Happy Halloween!


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