My Survivor Story: Kimberly Montgomery

Snap Fitness

This month, Snap Fitness is proud to sponsor the American Heart Association’s Milwaukee Hearth Walk, taking place September 29. To celebrate, this month’s Snappenings is heart health-themed, giving you fitness tips, recipes, and a very special survivor story from the American Heart Association.


Kimberly Montgomery of Milwaukee, WI thought she was in good heart health. Her cholesterol numbers were low, she was the office health nut, always encouraging people to eat healthier and take the stairs instead of the elevator, and she ran regularly and practiced hot yoga.  After leaving yoga one night, she started sweating profusely.  Kimberly chalked this up to her work out or hot flashes.  She stopped to get a towel out of her car and became sick to her stomach.  Then, she thought that she had food poisoning.  She stopped at a friend’s house, who insisted she go to urgent care. They told Kimberly she was having a heart attack and had her transported to the hospital.  She was in so much denial she called her family from the ambulance to tell them not to come to the hospital, because she “wasn’t having a heart attack.”  At the hospital, doctors discovered blockages and she had two stents placed.  Kimberly has completed cardiac rehab and is back to living an active life.  She has since learned of her family history of heart disease.  She not only watches her sodium now, but also keeps a close eye on the fats she eats. 

It just goes to show that no matter how healthy you think you are, you can still be at risk of heart-related illness. Learn the symptoms of a heart attack now, so that you can quickly identify if you or a loved on experiences something similar to Kimberly.