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My Snap Success Story: Tom H. from LaCrosse, WI Loses 178 pounds to be an Example for His Daughters

2013-11-27 | By: Snap Fitness

Three years ago, Tom H. was watching TV with his family when he had a revelation. Both he and his family we’re becoming heavier and lazier, choosing TV over exercise. That’s when he decided to make a change.

“I weighed 368 pounds, and my daughters were becoming overweight too,” says Tom. “I knew it was time to start working out, so I began using our elliptical trainer at home. I lost about 30 pounds over the next eight months, but the elliptical kept breaking because I was so heavy.”

Tom decided to give up the at-home workouts and join the Snap Fitness in LaCrosse in November 2011. Two years later, Tom has dropped an incredible 178 pounds and counting.

“I knew I wanted to lose weight to lead by example for my daughters,” he says. “I also wanted to be healthier, look better, and feel better about myself. My final goal is to get down to 184 pounds, which will be exactly half of how much I weighed when I started.”

His positive influence has rubbed off, as Tom says his daughter has become a track and cross country runner, and his family has begun actively snow skiing and water skiing as much as possible.

While he still has more goals set for his future, Tom has some advice for anyone who wants to make a change like he has.

“Don’t give up,” he says. “It can be tough sometimes, but it’s worth every minute. I always feel better after every single one of my workouts. In a world where so many things are beyond our control, personal fitness is one thing that most of us do have control over.”

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