My Snap Fitness Success: Melanie S. loses 70 pounds in eight months

Snap Fitness

Last September, Melanie new that she needed to lose weight, and told her husband that she wanted to join a gym. His response was less than encouraging.

“He told me not to join a gym that has long-term contracts since I probably wouldn’t go anyways,” she recalls. “That just motivated me even more.”

She joined the Snap Fitness in Jacksonville, Oregon since it was close to her home, business, and her daughters’ school. Once she got into a routine, Melanie started feeling stronger and looking better than ever.

“I worked out five or six times a week, just using the ARC trainer and some light weights. Then I moved on to free weights and started lifting more. I loved it!”

Between her new workout regimen and an improved diet, she’s managed to lose 70 pounds in the past eight months.

“It was a long, emotional battle and it messed with me sometimes, but I knew I could do it,” she says proudly. “I’m down from a size 16/18 to a 6/8. I love my new body and I love Snap Fitness who helped keep me motivated!”