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Member Success Story: Tristan R. of Houston, TX

2014-05-07 | By: Snap Fitness

Tristan R. of Houston, TX, has been a proud member of Snap Fitness for a year and a half now, but his lifestyle transition began in October 2011.


At that time, Tristan said he was “overweight, depressed, and very uncomfortable." He ballooned to 270 pounds. Unhappy with what his life was becoming, Tristan turned to medical help.


“That’s when I knew enough was enough,” Tristan said. “My doctors helped me through the (healthy lifestyle) phases.”


Phase by phase, Tristan saw results. By simply controlling his meal portions,  drinking more water, and using his apartment gym, he dropped 60 pounds. 


Next up in his plan was weight training. His apartment gym didn’t have weights, so Tristan looked across the street to Snap Fitness. Right from the moment he walked in, he felt at home.


“When I first walked in to sign up, Austin (the owner) was very helpful. That made me feel comfortable,” Tristan said. 


His initial goal was to lose 20-30 pounds at Snap Fitness. A typical workout for Tristan is 60 minutes of cardio on the elliptical (three 20-minute sets), weight training, and lower-body exercises. One of his favorites is an arm workout with a dumbbell in each hand while he sits, rotating his arms simultaneously. 


Tristan said Austin has been extremely helpful in his fitness journey. From answering questions about equipment to giving words of encouragement, Austin makes the gym feel “home-like with the level of comfort.” Tristan also received advice from the club trainer, Troy. The monthly member newsletter, Snappenings, also provided Tristan with helpful tips and motivation for staying dedicated to his healthy lifestyle.


Since joining Snap Fitness, Tristan surpassed his goal and now weighs 198 pounds! 


"Throughout my journey, I've been getting a lot of thumbs up, and my family and friends are truly amazed,” Tristan said.


His new goals are to tighten up and lose body fat. Tristan said the biggest benefit of working out at Snap Fitness is that it's 24/7 and small, yet has the amenities of any gym.


"If someone was considering joining Snap Fitness, I'd tell then it'd be one of the best decisions they've ever made,” Tristan said. 


Way to go, Tristan! We’re so proud of you. Got a Snap Fitness success story? Share it with us at

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