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Member Success Story: Krystal P. from Portales, NM

2014-04-15 | By: Snap Fitness

When Krystal P. joined the Snap Fitness in Portales, New Mexico this past January, she never thought she’d be on her way to becoming a personal trainer. This August, she’ll be certified! This has been a long, rewarding journey for Krystal, but she isn’t done yet.


After the holiday season, Krystal’s nutrition was in a rough state.


“I realized that I couldn’t just eat what I want and workout excessively. I was being counteractive to my results that I was expecting,” Krystal said. It wasn’t until she learned the proper way to fuel her body that her breaking point became her turning point.


When it came to choosing a gym, Snap Fitness was the clear winner.


“The 24-hour access, the appearance of the facility, and the convenience of the location to where I live is what gave me that initial spark of interest,” Krystal said.


Losing weight has changed Krystal’s life in more ways than she ever imagined. She started out at 175 pounds and dropped to 155 in the past couple months. Since losing 20 pounds, Krystal has her confidence back and feels strong, happy, and above all, healthy. 


Her daily routine consists a mixture of cardio (such as the elliptical or stationary bike) as well as weight training. She owes it all to her desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


“I have struggled with exercise-induced asthma, along with several allergies and lack of proper nutrition,” Krystal said. “I was just tired of being confined and restricted.”


She is now running races on the weekends, riding her road bike in crazy 10 mile-per-hour winds, cutting loose in Zumba and belly dancing classes, practicing yoga, and doing HIIT training. Her energy is the best it’s been in years. With this newfound confidence, Krystal has big plans for the rest of 2014.


“I would like to raise more awareness of several metabolic diseases by volunteering through several organizations by running and fundraising,” Krystal said. “I am also working towards my CPR/AED certification, basic yoga instructor, ACE certified personal trainer, and belay certified for rock climbing all by the end of September 2014.”


Krystal owes her success to her sister, but also the Snap Fitness family. “I am there five or six times a week and almost twice a day,” she said.


She hopes to help others find their health and fitness goals in the future and give back what she has gained through living a healthier lifestyle.


Way to go, Krystal! We wish you the best of luck in your personal training endeavors.

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