Member Success: Michael Drops Over 100 Pounds!

Snap Fitness

In 2009, Michael weighed 340 pounds. At 6’ 5’’, he had 40.1 percent body fat and a 54-inch waist. Numbers like that put him in high risk for heart disease, type II diabetes, and other medical issues that ran in his family. “My father who passed away that year triggered a reality check of leaving my wife as a window and single mother over something I have the ability to manage: my health,” Michael said. “Realizing it was just a matter of time before I experienced an early death like my father, I made the bull-headed decision to do my best at bettering my health.”


Michael admits he had a general idea of what good health and fitness looked like. He started by cutting back on sweets and soda. However, Michael knew he needed to educate himself on nutrition and hold himself to a consistent, regular exercise routine if he wanted to take control of his health.


That brought him to Snap Fitness last March. Michael credits the staff at both the Gainsville, VA and Bealeton, VA locations. “The staff is great. Derreck and Lance are some great guys and really know how to encourage others,” Michael said. The clean, friendly environment was also a big draw in helping Michael stay dedicated to his workouts.


We’re proud to say Michael found a perfect fitness routine and diet! He’s come a long way since 2009. He’s lost over 100 pounds! Beyond that, he’s lost inches around his entire body; his chest measurement went from 51.5” to 44”, his hips went from 50” to 40”, and his waist went from 54” to 34”. “I physically feel 120 percent better,” Michael said. “I’m able to walk the stairs in my home without gasping for air. In short, I’m able to enjoy life in more abundance.”


Fitness has become such a passion for Michael that he wrote a book on his fitness journey, “Drop Weight Daddy.” Next up for Michael is becoming a personal trainer. He became certified two months ago, and his current goal is to pay it forward and help others who want to take control of their health. 


Way to go, Michael! We are so proud of you and the strides you’ve made. Keep moving and inspiring Snap Nation!