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Member Success: Jeff’s Weight Loss Journey, “Better Late Than Never”

2013-06-11 | By: Snap Fitness

Three years ago, Jeff made the decision to be in the best shape of his life when he turned 40 years old. His goal was to get back to his college weight of 185 pounds, and stop feeling overweight, tired, and injured because of his poor health. But like many of us who set a goal to get in shape, getting started was the toughest part.


“My eating habits were terrible and I didn’t care how I treated my body,” says Jeff. “I joined Snap Fitness in the beginning of 2012, but I would only make it about two or three times each week. I liked working out, but my mind wasn’t set on making a lifestyle change. I drank and ate whatever I wanted, and I wasn’t getting healthy. I knew I needed to do something different.”


He tried a fitness program he saw on an informercial, but with no accountability Jeff found himself coming up with excuses not to follow-through on his workouts. That’s when he decided that 2013 would finally be his year.


“Starting in January of this year, I committed myself to getting in my workouts every morning at 4 a.m. Having Snap Fitness open 24 hours was a lifesaver!” he says. “With my wife as my workout buddy, I found myself much more motivated to stick with a plan.”


This past March, Jeff’s club ran the Lose Weight Challenge, giving him more incentive to stick with his routine. Now, just a few a few short months later, Jeff is down 40 pounds and counting! While his weight loss goal is still his top priority, Jeff has started setting even more fitness goals.


“I felt so good with my transformation that I entered a 5K race; something I never would have even considered two months ago,” he says. “I finished it in 25:02, and placed third in my age group! Just another motivating factor to keep working out!”


As for that initial goal of being in the best shape of his life when he turns 40? Well, he’s slightly amended that one.


“I’m now in my forty-second year; but better late than never!”

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