Member Spotlight: Sherezada

Snap Fitness

We’re thrilled to share today’s member spotlight with you! Sherezada is an avid Snap Fitness Ridgefield member and we’re proud to have her as a part of #SnapNation.


You’re going to love her story!


What brought you to Snap Fitness?


Personally, I prefer smaller gym environments because I like to weight train and dislike being in bigger gyms. After visiting Snap Fitness, I immediately realized that I liked it. The trainers are very friendly and the gym is never crowded.  Plus, I like that it's never closed. 


What sets Snap Fitness apart from other fitness providers?


The fact that Snap Fitness is open year-round is very important to me. It’s the first time. In many years that I didn’t gain any weight during the holidays. I worked out Thanksgiving Day before I began cooking and Christmas Eve before my family's big get-together. I can't recall ever doing this before. It's so convenient.


What were your goals when you joined?


I joined Snap Fitness because I'd just come out of battling a chronic illness and I was out of shape, depressed, and very anxious. I was looking for a natural way to release those emotions. I simply wanted to feel happy again. Getting in shape was secondary. 


How has Snap Fitness changed your life?


Snap Fitness helped me find my passion to lead a healthy life all over again! Since I joined, I haven't lost my excitement to go to the gym and now I am officially working towards fitness goals for myself.


Describe your fitness journey with Snap Fitness in one word.




Have your goals changed at all during your time at Snap Fitness?


Yes, as I mentioned, I joined Snap Fitness as an outlet to my depression and anxiety. In return, I was able to overcome that condition but also got back into shape. I am happy, more disciplined, and continue to meal prep throughout the week, while building goals towards further transforming my body. 


Would you recommend Snap Fitness to a friend?


Absolutely! I have already recommended a friend, who recently requested her 30-day trial membership.