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Member Spotlight: Keeping Up with Gerry

2015-09-02 | By: Snap Fitness

Meet 71-year-old fitness enthusiast and all around rock star Gerry!


Learn how staying fit and healthy helps Gerry enjoy life and all of the adventures that come along with it that much more.


Q: When did you join Snap Fitness?


A: I joined Snap Fitness one year ago, the end of August 2014.


Q: What drew you to Snap Fitness?


A: I previously had been a member of a larger fitness club and felt I was not getting the return on my dollar. I also felt it was run only as a business and not an organization that cared about what my fitness goal should be.  I decided to look at a few in the area; when entering Snap Fitness, I was met with the warmest reception. I joined a couple of months later and found not only the staff cared, but others working out would reach out to help me understand and use equipment.


Q: What motivated you to start your fitness journey?


A: I have always enjoyed being physical, but as I aged, I recognized how important it is to keep your body as strong as possible. I want to be able to play in life and being healthy and strong is the only way to be able to do that.


Q: What are your fitness goals?


A: To be healthy and as fit as I can everyday as I age.  My fitness goal changes all the time: going to a wedding in New York and needing to keep up with everyone (or pass them by), doing a 5K, joining my friends for a organized bike ride, doing a six mile paddle board trip without getting tired, kayaking down the river, etc.  Being healthy and strengthening my body so I can take on whatever comes my way, even raking the yard or shoveling the driveway.


Q: What do you enjoy best about your club?


A: Everyone cares; you don’t feel judged, but instead encouraged. If I have a question or a need for assistance, there is always someone there to assist me (which is how I met my trainer). They really do care about your goal, or helping you identify what it is.


Q: What is the best part about Snap Fitness?


A: I would have said all of the above until I enlisted the services of my trainer, Brent. I mentioned to him one day that working out was just not feeling fun anymore. We talked, I told him I knew I needed something new, but did not know what. After talking with Brent, I decided to hire him as a trainer for a few sessions. He really took the time to try to understand me, what my needs were, and put a plan together for me to follow on my own (which is what I requested). I was making good progress but was still missing something. I hired him for weekly workouts and sometimes I try to grab an extra one. He changes it up, keeping it fun and challenging. So, the best part about Snap Fitness is Brent and the rest of the staff that really care.



Q: What’s your favorite exercise?


A: The TRX suspension bands, which Brent introduced me to, are my favorite. They help me work out and build core, arm, lower-body strength, coordination, and balance. Working out using the TRX bands gives me a real sense of accomplishment.


Q: How has Snap Fitness changed your life style?



A: No matter what I do, whether it is very physical yard work, play, or activities requiring physical strength, it is so much easier and I last so much longer.  It has made life, play, and work so much more enjoyable. My weekly workouts with Brent are the one constant in my week that keeps it normal.


Q: Would you recommend Snap Fitness to a friend?


A: I not only would, but do on a regular basis. I am always bending someone’s ear on the importance of maintaining a good workout routine.  I also throw in a mention on getting a personal trainer and the benefits. 

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