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Meet Your Matcha

2015-10-22 | By: Snap Fitness

You have likely heard of matcha before, but it’s still holding strong as current health trend – and for good reason. Get the 101, learn how matcha can benefit your health, and check out the bonus recipe!


The Power of Matcha

Matcha literally means “powdered tea.” It is a finely-ground powder of green tea that has been specially grown and processed. Unlike traditional green tea where leaves are infused into hot water and then discarded, you’re drinking the actual leaves that are whisked into hot water.


Traditionally matcha, has been used by Japanese tea ceremony centers for preparation, serving, and drinking. Now, you can find matcha in a variety of foods used as a flavor or dye additive. Chefs are using matcha beyond beverages and incorporating it into sweet and savory dishes. Recipes like matcha muffins, puddings, soups, and other dishes are becoming more common.


Matcha Health Benefits

  • More potent source of nutrients compared to steeped green tea thanks to its high-quality and use of the whole leaf
  • Rich in antioxidants called polyphenols
  • Research has shown boosted metabolism with consumption of matcha


Matcha-Mango Smoothie Bowl Recipe




1 cup nut milk (coconut or almond recommended)

1 cup frozen mango

1 cup baby spinach

¼ avocado

1 tbsp chia seeds

½ tsp matcha


Optional Smoothie Bowl Toppings:

Shredded unsweetened coconut


Goji berries

Pumpkin seeds

Cocoa nibs




  1. Soak chia seeds in nut milk for 10-20 minutes.
  2. Combine milk and chia mixture with mango, spinach, avocado, and matcha in a blender.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Top with optional ingredients.
  5. Enjoy immediately!

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