Life's Simple {Fitness} Pleasures

Snap Fitness

Here are a few of the little fitness things that brighten our days. Share some of yours with us in the comments below!

  1. Walking in and having the whole gym to yourself.
  2. When the TV in front of your regular machine is already set to your favorite show/station.
  3. Having the perfect tempo song come on for your exercise pace.
  4. When the weight you need is already set on the machine.
  5. The feeling after a great workout.
  6. Comparing pictures of yourself from a few months prior and seeing how far you’ve come.
  7. Opening the fridge to see your pre-planned nutritious meal ready to go.
  8. The first breath of cold air leaving the gym in the winter.
  9. Seeing the same people each time you go and having a sense of community at your gym.
  10. Post-workout stretches.
  11. Getting the parking spot right out front.
  12. The first sip of a delicious protein shake.
  13. Receiving a compliment on your new body or hearing “You look great!”
  14. Getting new gym clothes and shoes.
  15. Being able to move the pin down to a heavier weight and recognizing your body getting stronger.
  16. Looking down at the treadmill and seeing that you’ve gone a lot farther/longer than you thought.
  17. The knowledge that with each workout, you are improving your health and happiness.