Leg Pyramid Workout

Snap Fitness

The Warm-up:


Select your favorite cardio machine and get your body loosened and blood flow moving for 5 minutes. The warm-up should increase your heart rate, but it should not leave you feeling fatigued.



The Workout:


For this pyramid workout, complete the following upward, then downward sequence of reps for each exercise. Adjust the weight for each set for the maximum you can tolerate.


10 reps

12 reps

15 reps

12 reps

10 reps


Rest 15-30 seconds in-between sets.


Complete the pyramid for one exercise, then move on to the next exercise. 


Exercise 1: Side Lunges



Exercise 2: Bodyweight Squats




Exercise 3: Dumbbell Front or Back Lunge



The Cool-down: 


End your workout with stretching exercises for 3-5 minutes.

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