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John P. of Bracebridge, ON: “Snap Fitness helped me take back my life”

2013-07-15 | By: Snap Fitness

In 2008, John believed he was nearing the end of his life.

He was severely overweight and struggling with a laundry list of medical issues as a result. Diabetes, panic attacks and hallucinations had started to become a regular part of his days, and he truly believed that he wouldn’t be around much longer.

“I was over 300 pounds and couldn’t lose the weight,” he says. “I tried ever diet you can think of, but my weight never changed. Honestly, I was planning my exit. I didn’t want to live like that.”

Fortunately, John’s life wasn’t coming to an end. Instead, he embarked on a new beginning.

“I joined the Snap Fitness in Bracebridge, ON in January 2012. At that point my health was so bad that I could only use the smallest weights, but I kept at it. I also made the choice around that time to give up all processed food. Slowly but surely, the weight began to come off.”

By that summer, John’s health had improved enough for him to begin walking and even doing some light running. As he continued to lose weight, John decided to set a new goal for himself – a goal that would have seemed impossible only a few short months prior.

“In January 2013 I ran a half marathon,” he says proudly. “Nobody, including myself, would have believed that a year before, but I did it and then I did it again this past May.”

Now weighing 215 pounds, John is setting his sights on running a full marathon in 2014, while continuing his exercise and nutrition plan. He thanks Snap Fitness and owner Sandy Long for supporting him on his journey, and says the added encouragement played a huge factor in achieving his goals. While he’s enjoying his new found health and energy, John and Sandy aren’t the only one who has noticed his hard work.

“My wife and I just celebrated our 25 year wedding anniversary last month, and she says that last year it was like she was getting a new husband every six weeks!”  



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