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It's the Great Pumpkin (Workout)!

2013-10-23 | By: Snap Fitness

In celebration of the Fall season – why not grab the nearest pumpkin and build up a little strength?  This festive harvest season workout is designed with a little fun and fitness in mind.  Simply choose a moderate to heavy pumpkin and get moving – no excuses for not having equipment on hand!


Jack-o-lantern Jump

Set up your pumpkin and stand to one side.  Jump over the pumpkin from the right to the left – pulling knees up high for added challenge.  Shoot for 20-40 total jumps between each strength set below:


1. Pumpkin Overhead Lunge

Lunge back with one leg as you raise the pumpkin overhead – alternate legs and repeat overhead lift.  This exercise challenges balance, overall leg strength, plus tones the shoulders.


2. Pumpkin Patch Pushup

Place one hand on a pumpkin, one hand on the floor – complete 5 full pushups then repeat with the pumpkin on the other hand.  This offset stance challenges balance, chest, shoulders, arms and core strength.



3. Pumpkin Twist

Stand with Feet hip distance apart while holding the pumpkin in both hands at waist height.  Rotate the torso right, while pulling the right knee up – repeat on the left side, continue by alternating right and left.



4. Harvest Hoist

Hold the pumpkin in both hands, squat down and lower the pumpkin toward the ground, stand up through the squat by pressing through the heels.  Raise the pumpkin overhead – repeat.  This exercise works the hips, legs, core, and shoulders.



5. Gourd Getup

Place a pumpkin at your feet, squat down and place both hands on either side or top.  Jump feet back into a plank and complete one pushup, jump feet back to the pumpkin, pick it up and jump up!  Repeat for 5-10 reps.




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