Invigorating Infused Water


Satisfy your sugar craving with our go-to infused water. This invigorating mixture of cranberry, orange, and ginger is loaded with antioxidants and will reduce inflammation. Bottoms up!

<h2> Ingredients:

  • 5 cups cold water
  • 1⁄2 cup pomegranate seeds
  • 1 orange, sliced
  • 1-2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2” piece of fresh ginger root, peeled
  • Ice

<h2> Directions:

- Fill a large pitcher with cold water. Place the pomegranate seeds, sliced orange, cinnamon sticks, and ginger in the pitcher and refrigerate for at least 4-6 hours or overnight. Add ice to the pitcher before serving.

- For a stronger flavor, squeeze some of the orange slices and pomegranate seeds in the water and stir.

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Lauren is a former athlete from Minnesota who shares all kinds of gluten free recipes on her blog, Zest and Lemons. She has a passion for cooking and  photography, and loves to help others learn more about Celiac Disease. She is also an oatmeal enthusiast and is always making a mess in the kitchen.


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