Interval Treadmill Workout

Snap Fitness

Get your over your mid-week hump and hit the treadmill. Interval training is a great cardio workout because it has an extended effect on your caloric burn; you’ll burn up to 30 percent more calories after your workout than normal. This specific workout will have you running 5.45 miles in 50 minutes. You can do it!

4 minutes of jogging at your own pace



0:00-2:00 at 4 miles per hour

2:00-5:00 at 6

5:00-10:00 at 6.5

10:00-15:00 at 7

15:00-20:00 at 6.5

20:00-30:00 alternate between 8 and 6 every minute

30:00-35:00 at 6.5

35:00-40:00 at 7

40:00-45:00 at 6.5

45:00-48:00 at 6

48:00-50:00 at 4


Cool-down: 5 minutes of jogging at your own pace and stretch


Did you love this? Do this workout one to three times a week and weight train on opposite days.