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Inside Scoop: Training With Landon Cassill

2015-08-11 | By: Snap Fitness

Hey #SnapNation!


Landon Cassill here with a sneak peak into what I've been up to lately!


After the crazy weekend with the Quaker State 400 in Kentucky and Muncie 70.3, I went straight from Kentucky to Houston to do a three day swim “camp" with my swim coach Tim Floyd and the Magnolia Masters swim team. Tim is a well-respected coach in the triathlon world who is responsible for coaching some of the fastest swimmers in the Pro Ironman ranks.


From that busy weekend to the three days in Houston (with two swim workouts a day), I was officially tired by the time I got back home to Charlotte. I had a couple days to spend at home and get ready to head to New Hampshire for another NASCAR race. Between the New Hampshire and Indianapolis races, I focused on recovering, not putting a lot of pressure on working out, and planning my preparations for Austria. At that point, Austria was about six weeks away,and I felt like my body could handle about three or four weeks of mega volume and intense workouts, so I set my mark on going easy until about July 27 to get started on a four-week block of rebuilding my fitness for the World Championships, including a week of taper/rest leading into the event.


With the new baby in the house, I am also trying to find our new daily routine and when the best time is for me to fit in my workouts while still giving my wife a break during the day! I’m finding that the early mornings in the pool are becoming more and more important, with the rest of my workouts being done in the mid-to-late afternoon. Trust me, it hasn’t been an easy process. I’ve blown through multiple 5 a.m. wake up calls so far and have regretted skipping a workout here and there.


Now that we’ve made it to July 31, I’ve put in a fairly decent week of workouts. Strong, but nothing close to what I’ll be doing over the course of the next three weeks. I’ve ran just about 20 miles this week, 10 of those miles coming from one run, but I’ve put in almost 125 miles on the bike, and 10k meters in the pool. That’s about 13 hours of training.


Over the next three weeks, I will hopefully double that run mileage with my longest run being around 16 miles. One of the biggest things I’m focused on is strength on the bike for the climbs through the mountains in Austria. For that, I am doing a lot of low cadence/high resistance muscle tension work on the bike and leg strength exercises like squats and lunges at Snap Fitness.


As far as my running is concerned, I’ve felt like run strength has also been a weakness of mine, so those workouts in the gym are going to help me, along with some higher-intensity runs during the week to build leg speed. Because my run speed just hasn’t been there the past few weeks (maybe because of the hot weather or lingering fatigue from the past couple months), these run workouts will be good to get my leg speed back up. Sometimes, a treadmill session at the Snap Fitness club is even better than a run outside for me because I can control the pace on the treadmill and really dial in my goal for the workout.


It's been a wild ride! Stay tuned for even more insider training blogs as I prepare for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.


- LC

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