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I Tried Personal Training: Here’s What Happened

My Takeaways From My First Personal Training Session

2018-08-24 | By: A Snap Fitness Contributor

Personal training. Seems daunting right? A little intimidating? Only for celebrities or wealthy people? That’s what I thought. Personal trainers are the experts, but I would rather wander aimlessly through the weight racks like a lost puppy rather than admit I need to pay for a trainer to finally figure out how to work out. Plus, I hear they make you work hard. Who has time for that?


But when I noticed that my yoga pants started feeling too tight, the arm workouts I found online only got me so far, and my failed attempts (that’s plural) at meal prep I found myself feeling very discouraged. I was having a hard time feeling motivated and realized quickly I needed help and a kick in the pants from professionals.


<h2> First Impression


Walking into the gym to a big muscle-y person whose sole job is to watch you make a thousand mistakes while you try to get in shape is completely intimidating. When I first arrived, however, I was greeted very warmly by a man, let’s call him Muscle Max (for privacy purposes), and he simply asked, “You ready?” To which I very quickly replied, “Not even a little bit.”


We both laughed, and my intense feeling of anxiety eased from a 10 to about a 6. Muscle Max then sat me down and we talked about my goals, what issues I’ve had with nutrition and fitness in the past, and he put together a comprehensive workout plan and even gave me a few nutrition tips, then we got to work.


<h2> What Did I Learn?


After my first session, I have to say that using a personal trainer is 100 percent worth it. Especially at Snap Fitness where the prices are ridiculously reasonable. Having someone there to correct your form, push you a little harder, and honestly, just TELL you what to do is the greatest way to feel empowered in the gym. You’re given custom tools to create your own experience and even after a few more of your own sessions using the tips they gave you, you start feeling a difference.


I went in very skeptical of working with a personal trainer. I assumed trainers were all super humans and the rest of us are just gym peasants. However- it’s the exact opposite. Trainers are people who have dedicated their time to helping people feel better about themselves, feel stronger, be healthier, and overall just give you more confidence and drive.


My takeaways:


  1. Don’t whine.
    1. Seriously, we’re adults. They’re not here for our temper tantrums.
  2. Trainers are humans.
    1. They aren’t trying to get you to give up your life, they just want to help you learn balance and the most effective ways for you achieve your goals.
  3. They know when you’re lying
    1. Don’t tell them you hit the gym every day when you didn’t- they can always tell.
  4. They know leg day sucks
    1. Leg muscles release a lot of lactic acid when you work on them, so they’re the most painful to exercise. Do it anyway.
  5. They’ll let you know if you have unrealistic goals
    1. Trainers are not wizards. If you tell them you want a six pack in six weeks be prepared to be told you’re crazy.


If you’re considering getting a personal trainer- whether you’re new to working out or trying to hit a new milestone, this is truly the only way to go. This doesn’t mean you need to sign on for a million sessions- even just a private session or two will give you enough tools to start moving in the right direction.


Head to Snap Fitness and look into grabbing a session with any of the personal trainers- you won’t regret it!


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