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Hunger, Hunger Go Away

2015-01-16 | By: Snap Fitness

You just ate but you're still hungry...why is this?


Your Meal Consisted of Canned Food

- Bisphenol- A is a chemical in canned foods that can lead to obesity or food cravings due to abnormal release of leptin (a hormone that helps to regulate fat storage in the body).

 Your Breakfast is Too Small

- Aiming for 500-calorie breakfasts means that you will have decreased rises in blood sugar and insulin versus having a 300-calorie breakfast.
- If you are looking to lose weight, 500- calorie breakfasts are your go-to!


You’re Lacking Liquids

- Often people mistake dehydration for hunger. Next time you’re feeling hungry, try drinking water first.


You’re Lacking Leafy Greens

- Salads contain a high amount of Vitamin K, which is an insulin-regulating nutrient that decreases cravings.
- Decrease of cravings and fullness off of healthy greens, which are low in calories, also leads to weight loss.


You’re Bored

- Many of us are guilty of boredom eating. If you want to test your true state of hunger then visualize different foods. If they all seem appealing to you, then you are truly hungry. If you are selective on what you eat, you are not truly hungry.

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