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How to Set Goals You’ll Keep in 2020

Don’t give up on making a change in your life!

2019-12-26 | By: Snap Fitness

We’re not just starting a new year, we’re going into a new decade. Take this opportunity to make big changes with your life. Follow our tips to set goals you’ll actually keep this year! 

<h2> Make It Personal

This is your life so your goals should reflect where you are going on your journey. Do you want to get better at running? Sign up for a race! Do you want to get stronger? Set a lifting based goal. Are you trying to eat healthier? Set a goal around cooking. Use your goals to help you on your journey. 

<h2> Set specific and measurable goals with an end date

Don’t set lackluster goals. When you are creating these goals try and be very specific. Whether it’s finishing an event, setting a personal record, or making a consistent change in your life, you have to be specific in your goal. Your goal also needs to be measurable. If you can’t track your progress, you will have a harder time seeing your success. Lastly, set a deadline for each goal. With a deadline in place you will have a timeframe on when you need to accomplish it. 

You this phrase when setting your goals:

I will (do this goal) by (this date).

<h2> Have a starting point

Every journey needs to start somewhere. Without judgement, acknowledging where you’re at today - your starting point - will allow you to set realistic expectations. The journey isn’t about where you begin, it’s about where you are going. 

<h2> Categories 

Do you need help deciding on some goals? Keep some of these categories in mind. 

Physical Exercise - number of workouts per week, types of workouts, weight loss/muscle gain, etc.

Nutrition - water intake, meal prep, etc. 

Mental Well Being - sleep time and quality, self-development, etc.

Non-scale Wins - performance-driven (ie 1-min plank, half-marathon, etc.)

<h2> Adjust Your Goals As You Go

Like you will, over the course of your health and fitness journey your goals will evolve. Take time to reflect on your journey. Celebrate the wins you’ve made and don’t be afraid to rethink your journey. If one of your goals doesn’t fit into your journey anymore, don’t be afraid to adjust or change your goals.

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