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How to Perfect the Squat

2013-10-02 | By: Snap Fitness

Known by many as the ‘king of all exercises,’ the squat earns its nickname by working multiple muscle groups - hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and core.


But a sloppy squat won’t do you any good, and can cause knee and lower back pain. Today is the day to learn how to perfect the king of all exercises and start getting all the benefits the move has to offer.


Things to avoid:


1. Leaning too far forward



2. Bending with your knees, opposed to your hips



3. Allowing heels to come off the floor





How to perfect the squat:


1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, looking straight ahead.


2. Shift hips back. Keep bringing the hips back as the knees start to bend.


3. Keep your chest and shoulders upright with the back straight.


4. Allow hip joint to go lower than the knees, if comfortable.  Go as low as you can before it is either A. uncomfortable, or B. your posture changes.


5. Exhale and engage core while driving though the heels to return to standing.


6. Keep heels glued to the floor the entire time


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