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How to Perfect the Push-up

2013-09-20 | By: Snap Fitness


You probably learned the push-up in elementary school gym class.


But does that mean you are performing the push-up correctly today? More than likely, unless you have had some instruction by a personal trainer, you aren’t.


Many agree that the push-up is the best upper body exercise – but done incorrectly, you can hurt your shoulders, wrists and lower back.


Here are the things to watch for and avoid while doing a push-up:












1. Elbows flared out


2. Hips sagging


3. Relying on gravity


4. Not stretching wrists

















To perform the push-up correctly:





1. You should be engaging your upper back, with hands pressed into the floor to allow your shoulder blades to press apart. 


2. The abdominals should be drawn in with the pelvis tilting back to avoid “hanging into” the lower back. 


3. The heels should be lifted as to keep the glutes engaged. 


4. While lowering, elbows and shoulders blades should move, rather than dropping through the neck or losing the overall posture. 


5. Engage abdominals, glutes, chest, back and arms to press yourself smoothly and evenly back up to the starting plank position.


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