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How to Make a Morning Workout Happen

2017-02-03 | By: Snap Fitness

Do you want to start working out in the morning, but have trouble avoiding the snoozing button and popping out of bed ready to start your day? Try these tips to make working out part of your morning routine. Need a little more motivation? Research has shown morning exercise can leave a longer impact on your body than working in the afternoon or evening, meaning you’ll burn more calories.

Get Ready the Night Before

Having your workout clothes and gear laid out the night before has several benefits. You can even wear some of it to sleep so you can get up and go! You won’t waste time searching for shorts or a certain shirt and this begins the process of getting mentally prepared to workout.

Also, if you listen to music while working out, make sure whatever device you use is fully charged. If you’re going to a yoga class, put your mat next to the door. Do you need to bring weights to a workout? Leave those by the door as well.

Fuel Up and Eat Right

Working out in an empty stomach will lead to having less energy and your metabolism will slow down because it doesn’t have enough fuel to burn. Instead of running around the kitchen when you should be walking out the door, prepare healthy snacks that you can grab and go. You can do this before the start of the work week or night before. Some healthy options include a half a slice of whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and ingredients for a small smoothie.

Get a good night of sleep

Sleep is critical to helping us reach our fitness goals because it’s when our body recovers. Also, for morning workouts, we want to be well rested and feeling energized. To avoid hitting the snooze button, wake up to your favorite workout song or try other tricks like moving your alarm clock across the room.

These three simple tips will help you get that morning workout in. There’s one more key to success- Find workouts you enjoy. This might entail trying a few classes. Maybe your club has a Zumba class that looks fun, you want to give yoga try or maybe you want to join a running group. Whatever it is, figure out what motivates you.

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