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How to Deal with Anxiety at the Gym

2018-04-13 | By: Snap Fitness

You hear it all the time- getting to the gym is the hardest part of your workout, and once you’re there you’re good to go.


For some, however, this is far from the truth. Cue the infamous gym anxiety that can plague any one of us at any given time. That sense of feeling intimidated or uncomfortable around people who may run faster, or lift heavier weights, or possibly not fully understanding how the machines or equipment work can be debilitating and keep us from exercising altogether. Gym anxiety can affect anyone, regardless of where you are on your fitness journey.


Don’t be discouraged, there is a cure! If you’re experiencing any sort of anxiety or uncertainty at the gym, here are a few tips to help:


Write Down Your Workout First

Planning ahead will take away the sense of not knowing what to do, as well as keep you accountable for what you want to accomplish. Keep in mind, whatever you decide to accomplish in your workout is going to be vastly different from your fellow gym goers- don’t compare yourself to anyone else!


Stay Focused

Focusing on your own workout will keep you from getting distracted and keep you concentrated on your progress. Plug in those headphones and listen to some motivating music or your favorite podcast to keep you on track!


Work Out at Off Hours

The best way to avoid being distracted at the gym and to keep your anxiety down is to get your workouts in when the gym isn’t as busy. This will give you the chance to get used to your routine, have a chance to change things up without feeling overwhelmed, and you’ll have access to more equipment.


Bring a Buddy

Having a workout buddy makes going to the gym easier and way more fun! You have someone to keep you accountable, to assist you with equipment, and keep those anxiety levels down. Having a support system as you go through your fitness journey is a great way to remind you you’re not in this alone and keep you laughing along the way.


If you’re ridden with gym anxiety, don’t give up just yet. With a few of the tips above, the gym will become more familiar and comfortable for you to spend your time in and get your sweat on!


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