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Guilt Free Coffee Drinks

How to Keep Your Morning Caffeine Healthier

2018-08-17 | By: Snap Fitness

Who doesn’t love a good Frappuccino or a flavored latte first thing in the morning to start the day off right? The only downside is those sweeter coffee treats are packed with excess sugar, fat, and calories that are not the best way to start your day. Whether you’re a regular at your favorite coffee shop or making coffee at home, keep two things in mind:

  • Try to stick between 60-100 calories- if the calories aren’t listed on your favorite drinks, stick to the small sizes.
  • Keep it simple- regular coffee, tea, and espresso are all great options that don’t include extra calories or sugar. 

If you’re not into simple coffee drinks, there are ways to enjoy something sweeter without packing on too much sugar or extra calories. But there are some things to leave behind when ordering at your favorite coffee shop:

<h2> What Should You Avoid Putting in Your Coffee?

  1. Sweeteners- this mainly refers to syrups. Whether real or artificial, syrups increase the calorie count and can cause you to crave sugar throughout the day.
  2. Whipped cream- we all love a nice whipped topping on a drink, but these can pack an additional 150 calories of sugar and fat. Plus, it has no caffeine- so what’s the point?
  3. Iced tea with lemonade- a white, green or passion fruit iced tea with lemonade only has about 90 calories, but it’s also packed with an additional 22 grams of sugar. That’s only 2 grams off the recommended amount of sugar PER DAY.
  4. Tea lattes- The tea powder used for a tea latte contains extra sugar in addition to the sweetener or syrup. If you do enjoy a nice tea latte, ask for a regular brewed tea with a side of steamed milk.
  5. Frozen drinks- they’re the best. Who doesn’t love a solid caramel Frappuccino? However, they’re pretty much just sugar, ice, and milk with a very small amount of coffee. Not to mention the whipped cream and syrups that pack on even more sugar and calories. Your best bet is to skip them.
  6. Smoothies- Similar to the frozen coffee drinks, these are pretty much just concentrated sugar. Make your smoothies at home if you’re looking for a healthier drink option. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that extra sugary drinks tend to dehydrate you, so you’ll be thirstier throughout the day. 

<h2> What Are The Healthy Go-To Coffee Drinks?

On the positive side, you don’t have to give up your desired caffeine fix entirely. Simply switching your usual drink to a skinnier version can slash calories and sugar in half while still enjoying your coffee drinking experience.

<h3> Whole Milk Cappuccinos- 110 calories

A regular cappuccino is a great go-to order option and you don’t need to substitute skim milk either. Since the milk is foamed, cappuccinos already come in as a low-calorie option while still resulting in a creamy coffee texture.

If you want to add a splash of flavor, go for cinnamon, cocoa powder, or a little vanilla.

<h3> Skim/Low-Fat Caffe Misto- 100 calories

A misto with low fat or skim milk is a great option for those looking for a little extra boost of caffeine. They’re similar to a latte, but they’re made with coffee instead of espresso and use less milk, so your calories are cut.

For a little extra sweetness feel free to add a little brown sugar!

<h3> Tea- 2 calories

Iced or hot black, green or unsweetened flavored tea are essentially calorie-free and as an added bonus, are very hydrating. They’re also a little lighter on caffeine if you’re looking to cut back and are ridiculously refreshing!

<h3> Skinny Vanilla or Mocha Lattes- 120 calories

These are a great alternative to a sweet coffee drink and, as a bonus, they have about 15 grams of protein in a grande! So, if you’re looking for a fancy drink without going overboard on the calories, go for one of these.

<h3> Cold Brew- 5 calories

Cold brew is very popular for the creamy, smooth taste and due to the prolonged brewing process, it comes out naturally sweeter, so no need for extra sugar. Cold brew also tends to have more caffeine than a regular iced coffee so a smaller size is plenty (and less money)! The best part is that it is one of the drinks with the lowest calorie count- so get a nice caffeine buzz without packing on extra calories!

When it comes to your daily caffeine boost, trying to be even just a little healthier will do your body a world of good. Loading up on the sugary drinks can have a negative effect on your whole day- stick to the lighter options and save the sweet treats for a special occasion!

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