Grow Fresh Herbs at Home

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Brighten up your best summer dishes with homegrown herbs. We’ve listed our favorite easy-to-grow herbs below that can save you money at the supermarket while adding major flavor to your main dish, appetizer, or refreshing lemonade!


Basil – Add vibrant flavor with this versatile herb. Keep your basil plant in a sunny, south-facing window for natural light and warmer temperatures. Prune regularly and enjoy on top of your pizza, in your homemade pesto, or other tasty recipes!


Cilantro – This divine herb craves bright light but dislikes direct sunlight. Keep temperatures at bay, around 70 degrees, for an extended harvest. Snip your cilantro every few weeks to prolong the harvest time of this short-lived herb. Cilantro is perfect for topping taco salads, adding to brown rice along with lime, and a summer salsa!


Parsley – Parsley craves sun and will grow best in a south-facing, sunny window. Be sure to turn the gardening container every few days so the parsley doesn’t lean into the sun. Keep the soil most and harvest when it reaches three to four inches in height. Balance our your favorite savory dishes by adding parsley. Try it on your favorite quiche recipe or a homemade dressing.


Mint – Brighten up your summer dishes with this flavorful herb. Place your gardening container in an area with indirect light and keep soil moist. Mint appreciates humidity so for best results, mist your plant between watering. Harvest your mint sprigs before the plant flowers and submerge leaves in your favorite flavored iced tea or a Thai-inspired salad!