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Greg Mooneyham- A #SNAPNATION Veteran

2020-11-10 | By: Snap Fitness

On November 11th, we remember of the sacrifices that have been made to defend our freedom and safety by the men and women who have served in military forces around the world.

It’s our honor and pleasure to highlight one of our own as we celebrate #VeteransDay. Greg Mooneyham, a Snap Fitness club owner, and US Air Force Veteran graciously met with us to talk about his military experience and how he's used that experience to manage a successful business.


Read our interview with Greg below.


1. Why did you join the military?

In the beginning I just wanted to fly jets. That was probably 8th grade. As I grew older it also offered me the chance to get a great education and do something for a bigger reason than just for myself. When you serve, you find out it’s not about what’s in it for me.


2. What branch did you serve in and where were you stationed?

I graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1987…. Colorado Springs, CO. Then went on to pilot training in Columbus, Mississippi, Alamogordo, New Mexico and Tucson, Arizona. From there I was stationed in Louisiana where I flew A-10s. I served in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm and then had my final assignment working with the Maryland ANG in Baltimore.


3. What was your rank when you served?

I left as a Captain.


4. Were you awarded any medals or commendations?

Everyone gets a few medals here and there. Probably most proud of getting 4 Air Medals for combat missions in Desert Storm and being nominated for the Distinguished Flying Cross.


5. What made you decide to own your own business after your service? Was that your direct path to owning a Snap Fitness or did you join the Corporate world prior to becoming an entrepreneur?

Corp world for sure. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that working in the Corp world was not for me though. I took a job working for an entrepreneur after leaving a job at Johnson Controls. After a few years of making him plenty of money, I decided I needed to go out on my own. I did some business consulting for a couple of years when I stumbled across Snap Fitness. I mostly was looking for passive residual income to go along with my consulting work. It quickly became clear though that the tail was wagging the dog. I gave up the consulting and committed to the fitness world full time.


6. Has your experience in the military helped you succeed in running your own business?

Of course. The military teaches you a lot of things that will make you successful in most anything you try to accomplish. Discipline, team work, goal setting, importance of mission, execution of the plan… just to name a few. All are important, though if I had to pick the most important, I think it’s team work and execution of the plan. In the Air Force, a plane never leaves the ground without the work great folks in logistics, maintenance, weapons, fuel, crew chiefs, avionics… etc… In business, you need great folks in marketing, sales, training, facilities…and so forth. You have to get everyone on the same page with the plan. It takes everyone pulling together to achieve the same objective.

7. What is one piece of advice you would give to an active duty military member about life after service?

Only one? If you made in the military, you will do great in the civilian world, so don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet, take some chances and have some fun.

Take a moment in your day to thank a Veteran that you know!

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