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Fun Fitness Holiday Gifts

2014-12-09 | By: Snap Fitness

Tis the season for giving! Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like mall crowds and the stress that comes with last minute shopping. Fitness is always in style, so give family and friends the gift of wellness. From the fitness beginner to workout guru, the following items are perfect for all your loved ones. We won’t judge if you want to keep one or two for yourself!


Activity trackers: Want to know how many steps you take in a day? You can track that and so much more with the cool technology products out today. Fitbit and Jawbone, to name two of the many options, have bracelets available that record your daily personal metrics.

Touch-screen friendly gloves: Ideal for runners! Skipping to the next song during your 3-mile outdoor run has never been easier.

Beat-box water bottle: Stay hydrated and motivated with this bottle! It holds iPhone 4s and 5s while amplifying your tunes.

Yoga mat sling: Forget the balancing game with your mat, water, and towel in your hands! Snag a sling that can conveniently hold all your items.

Water-infusion jug: Add some flavor to your water! Just drop any fruit in the pitcher and you’ll have a refreshing beverage in minutes.

Snap Fitness gear: For the Snap Fitness enthusiast in your life! Check out our gear here.


Happy holidays, all!

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