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Franchise Success Story: Todd B.

2014-04-25 | By: Snap Fitness

A former college baseball player, Todd B. always wanted to get into a business that complemented his athletic and competitive sides, but that would also fit in with his full-time job as an emergency room worker. When he discovered Snap Fitness’s business model, he knew it would be the perfect fit.


“I wasn’t actively looking, but I always had the desire to do more,” Todd said. “I came across a Snap Fitness in my hometown and I loved everything about it, (like) no contracts and the 24-hour concept.”


With a full-time job, Todd decided he needed a business partner to help handle the load. He teamed up with an old friend, Brian W., who also happened to be a former college baseball player.


“Getting started was smooth. Corporate definitely helped us along the way,” he said. “Since then, it’s been great. I can do my day-to-day job, and I don’t have to physically be there all the time.”


Since opening their first club in Oxford, Mississippi in 2007, Todd and Brian have both used their competitive athletic backgrounds to their advantage. They’ve expanded their first club and opened a second – all while competing with another fitness provider only 200 yards away.


“We just hit the ground running and competed,” he said. “We offered the best trainers, the cleanest club, doubled our size, and added group fitness.”


One of Todd’s favorite parts about being a Snap Fitness owner is seeing the sense of community that’s been established in his clubs. They have several members that have been with them since day one.


“We have a strong reputation,” Todd said. “It feels good being part of a business where I know I’m offering something beneficial that helps people’s well-being.”


Todd and his business partner plan to continue their clubs growth in the future. He said the club definitely fills a void in his life.


“It gives me an opportunity to express creativity and see that results are being made,” Todd said. “It just satisfies my competitive desire.”


If you’d like to get into a business where you can see results and make a difference like Todd and Brian, click here.

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