Fit Tip: The Importance of Core Training

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Your core is just as important to train as any part of your body. You’ve heard it a million times, but that’s because it’s true. It’s not because it gives you rock-hard abs to show off at the beach (although that is a nice side effect) or because it helps you fit into your favorite pair of jeans from a few years ago. Working your core actually has quite a few benefits that are extremely important to your overall health. 

It is important to note that when we say “core” we do not mean just the abdominal muscles. The core does include your abs, but it also includes the muscles surrounding your spine, hips, pelvis and your glutes. Read on to find out why 15 extra minutes of core work at the gym is so worth it!

Strengthens Your Back

We’ve all had lower back pain, and we all know how horrible it is. A strong core assists in giving you better posture which helps to relieve pressure on your lower back, which in turn avoids lower back pain. This is crucial to your health, especially if you’re sitting in your chair at work all day.

 Better Balance

Your core is the center of all of the movement in your body, so strengthening it will help to keep you stabilized during your day. It may sound silly, but a strong core lessens your risk of falling, which is especially important as you get older.

Improved Breathing

Seemingly unrelated but altogether important, a strengthened core actually helps you breathe better and deeper. Your brain functions much better with more oxygen, so being able to take in bigger breaths because of your core is extremely beneficial. Breathing also helps reduce stress, which is never a bad thing to do!

Everyday Activities

Lastly, activities that you do regularly become much easier when you have a strong core. Whether you’re lifting your child into bed or carrying your puppy out of the house, you will find that after building up your core, these simple everyday tasks seem much easier.