Firework Fruit Kebobs

Snap Fitness

We’ve got the perfect treat for your Fourth of July celebrations! These festive fruit kebobs are not only super easy to prepare, but also make a simple side dish for entertaining or to bring to a party. This patriotic treat can even double as a centerpiece! :)

Serves: 8


1 whole watermelon

1 apple

1 pint blueberries

1 pint raspberries

 For the kebobs

8 skewers


1) Cut watermelon in half, slice up one of the halves about 1 inch thick, and set aside other half.

2) Use a star-shaped cookie cutter or a small knife to cut star shapes out of the slices.

3) Put berries and watermelon stars on the kebobs in assorted orders.

4) Scoop 1-2 inches of watermelon out of the half that was set aside.

5) Stick the kebobs into the watermelon half and fill in with fruit.

6) Keep chilled until serving; enjoy!